If you are looking for secure pavements to provide a safe playing environment. Following EU standards, and fall height standards. Safety in playgrounds and beaches. Non-slip and can be installed quickly.
Softening of sports grounds with rubber cover. For the protection of muscles and joints. Every season has the same sports experience on the same track. Sports shoes can withstand more and it improves the athletes' performance.
Non-slip and flexible surface for the effectiveness and safety of trainings. Heavy weights landing is also noiseless. Protection for expensive sport equipments and floorings. Avoid damage to the devices.
Due to their thermal insulation ability, they can be used as solid pavement in boxes, operators and walkers. Even after heavy rain, the water could flow away. Protects the joints of the animal.
Protect your child's health unnoticed in your own garden. Cleaning is inexpensive and simple. Weather-resistant, non-slip. Because children fall all the time, but it does matter where. Make falls safe at home in the garden too.
Rubber mat to reduce spinal load throughout work shift. Protects employees from backbone complaints. Increases their performance. Vibration damping under the industrial machines.
Auxiliary materials, fixing materials ... and all other additional products. Take a look around, is that what you're looking for?
It has to be not only safe but aesthetic and also "special in shape"? The area of poured in place rubber pavement is contiguous, you dont have to worry about its being picked up. Can be used with pram and wheelchair as well.
Outdoor fitness equipment - the technical training possibility for those who want to execise outdoors...

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In Hungary since 2003 we are one of the largest rubber flooring manufacturer and distributor plants. Our factory was established in 1979, in the spirit of the cooperation with the Taurus Rubber Industry Company.

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